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Folk Singer/Songwriter / Visual & Graphic Designer

Cud Eastbound is an indie folk artist currently based in Dawson City, Yukon. Originally from Montreal, Quebec, Cud spent many years residing in and around Halifax, Nova Scotia, before relocating to the Yukon in the summer of 2014.

Cud Eastbound’s music is best described as imparting a sense of optimism despite adversity. The rawness of their lyricism and vocal style, overtop their  well crafted guitar and banjo driven melodies will bring you to your greatest feelings of loss, before reminding you that you still have the opportunity to grow, learn and change.

Honing their now recognizable style, filled with poetic introspection and vivid lyricism, Cud spent the better part of eight years touring extensively across Canada, the United States and Australia; all the while generating themselves an ever-growing following, based not only on their abilities as a lyricist or musician, but due to their honest and often times vulnerable approach to their music and their audience.


You may contact Cud through this email.
SendCud (at)
Box 873, Dawson City, Yukon, Y0B1G0

At Worst (MTL Punk band)
LYFS (MTL Thrash Band)
Mournwood (2 Piece folk band with Millie Mae)
ForestFire (2 Piece folk band with Beyon)


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